We are M&N Language Services, LLC

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We are M&N Language Services, LLC

Which service are
you looking for?

I Need an Interpreter

I Need a Translator

“Truly appreciate your hardworking team and professionalism your agency provided for us all at the Helen Keller National Center working with our families and providers from Puerto Rico! You strive for perfection and continue to impress our community! They will travel near or FAR and meet all your needs! Great agency who takes it to heart, unlike many others out there!!!”

Marilyn C. Trader, MSWHelen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults Regional Representative Southeast


Trusted Professionals

M&N Interpreters are experienced, professional, and trained. Interpreters’ qualifications /certifications will be matched to client’s needs (legal, medical, educational, etc.).

24/7/365 Availability

In-person interpreters of several languages* are available around the clock. Over-the-Phone interpreters of more that 100 languages are available 24/7/365! Call and get set up today!

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team evaluates our interpreters regularly on fluency, customer service, vocabulary, interpreter standards, and ethics.


Interpreting, like translation, takes one language and renders it into another. The very important difference is the medium: while you translate a written text, you interpret orally.
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Translation essentially consists of taking a text in one language and rendering it into another language. Did you catch that word “text”?

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M&N prepares interpreters for both the CCHI/NBCMI to become nationally certified medical interpreters, interpreter skill building and safety, etc. through in-person trainings.

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M&N Language Services, LLC is very passionate
about Language Access for LEP, Deaf & Hard of Hearing patients.
Click here to find FAQs and answers about
providing interpretive services, patient’s rights,
laws, requirements, etc..

Our Mission

To provide the best possible interpretation and translation services to our
clients enhancing their business while saving them time and money.
Our commitment is to excellence, professionalism, accuracy,
and most importantly, the LEP, Deaf & Hard of Hearing patient’s experience.


In the past eight years that M&N Language Services has been the sole provider for in-person interpretive services for St. Vincent’s Health System, we have been extremely pleased with their services and professionalism. M&N Language Services has provided us with prompt and accurate in-person interpretive services making communication between limited English speakers and our providers incredibly easy and efficient, allowing us to provide excellent care to our patients and their families, regardless of the language they speak. In addition, M&N has been invaluable source providing reliable, up to date knowledge of regulations and guidelines related to serving limited English-speaking populations. Having a dependable source for in-person interpretation like M&N Language Services allows us to focus on patient care and satisfaction while lowering per patient costs and length of stay.

Dominique VillanuevaHispanic Outreach Manager, STVHS

M&N Language Services has been of great assistance in providing translation services in several instances of need during medical evaluations. I have even been able to call upon them for “last minute” assignments and they are very reliable to have an interpreter available. Their interpreters have been very professional,  courteous and kind. I would not hesitate to recommend M&N Language Services.

Angie ThomasonMedical Case Manager

We were looking for professional level, JCAHO compliant, culturally sensitive interpreters – and we found them at M&N Language Services”.  5 of 5 stars!

Irby FergusonDirector, Jefferson County Project Access